INTERIORS EAST believes that there is no single approach to project management.

Each project is unique and there are numerous variables that influence the manner with which a project is approached and managed. Our objective is to maintain a clear focus on not only the needs of a project, but ultimately the PURPOSE of the project.

We pride ourselves on thoughtful, innovative and meaningful design. We enjoy ideas that are forward thinking. We pay attention. We are thorough and diligent. We are mindful of the positive impact that good efforts and cooperative spirit have on the team and the community.

We are put in a position of trust.  For that we are grateful and we pursue clients that share these values and want to engage in a partnership to bring their project concept to reality.

Our approach to managing projects is one of continuous communication with the entire team.  It is key to successful project implementation to ensure all team members are aware of the current status and are able to make necessary decisions in a timely manner.  This helps to safeguard against a slipping timeline and cost overruns.

Interiors East works hard to carefully balance and meet expectations of budget, schedule, and quality as they guide the owner through the design and construction process.

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